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When I started Strategic Fortunes the idea was simple, bring together the best team of researchers and analysts with a singular mission:

Give everyday folks the opportunity to make massive returns on the biggest trends with out taking unnecessary risk.

The results have been nothing short of extraordinary, beating the broader market 3-to-1. I am so confident you’re going to love it that I offer every member a 1-year risk-free, money-back guarantee.

Common Sense Wealth-Building

Get trade recommendations from a time-tested stock-picking strategy

Simple and Convenient

Find everything you need in a single app. All the trades, strategies and market breakdowns


Better than a broker or robo-advisor. No Fees. Full Control with expert guidance

Strategic Fortunes gives you access to America’s best investment strategy for just $7 a month

Beating the Market 3-to-1

Following our simple instructions, could have delivered a 90% annualized return, compared to just 28% in the S&P 500 over the last year.

Try Strategic Fortunes for a full year risk free with a
100% Money Back Guarantee

See Beyond the Horizon

With Strategic Fortunes there is nothing holding you back. Look beyond today’s headlines and prepare for generational wealth building opportunities.

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Less Time

Invest your way in as little as 10 minutes a week. Learn from one of America’s top experts and when you’re ready to trade, follow his simple instructions from a computer or our Smartphone App. It’s really that simple.

‘Tipping-Point Trends’ and the ‘X-Factor’

After decades of experience there are two variables which consistently help identify the opportunities with outsized potential.

  1. The first is a “tipping-point trend,” a segment of the market that is poised to revolutionize an industry, such as e-commerce or electric vehicles.
  2. The second is the “X-Factor.” This is what separates industry leaders from the followers. It could be an ‘economic moat’ or a best in class leadership team.

What happens when we find the
X-Factor in a Tipping-Point Trend:

Try Strategic Fortunes for a full year risk free with a 100% Money Back Guarantee

THE BENEFITS What you’ll receive when you join

Model Portfolio

Every stock on our “buy now” list, including ‘buy up to” prices and when to sell

Monthly Newsletters

Analysis of a specific tipping-point trend, usually connected to a recommendation

Weekly Webinar

Held every Thursday to update you on the market, current portfolio and the next big trends developing

Trade Alerts

Contains easy to follow recommendations on what to buy or sell and for how much

Daily Briefings

Unique, profitable insights from the whole team so you’re never in the dark

U.S. Based Customer Service

To answer any questions about your membership or recent communications

Here’s what some of our favorite notes from our members:

"This has changed my life, I’ve never made so much from stocks."
Ken S.

"This is the first time I ever imagined I’d be able to afford retirement. Thank you from everything."
Jim L.

"For a first time like me, the knowledge alone was worth every penny, couldn’t be easier."
Donna R.